I have once again been tinkering with the Privacy Policy in a probably vain effort to deal with a regulatory climate increasingly unfavorable to running any kind of website, even a purely personal blog. Since I haven’t been updating this blog in ages and its traffic is likely near-zero, it’s probably a moot point, but… Continue Reading Future?

The E.P. Ingersoll Award

I’m pleased to announce that my automotive website, Ate Up With Motor, has been named the winner of the 2012 E.P. Ingersoll Award for excellent in non-print media by the Society of Automotive Historians. For more information, see the Society’s website at http://www.autohistory.org.

Slipstream, part 3.

One of my favorite literary genres at this point is what author Bruce Sterling once dubbed slipstream. Slipstream, which includes the work of authors like Steve Erickson and Haruki Murakami, occupies a middle ground between ‘straight’ fiction and science fiction or fantasy.

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